Seasons greetings from Riskenomics & BSCM

Seasons’ greetings from Riskenomics and BSCM

On behalf of us of us at Riskenomics and BSCM Operational Risk, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the
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health & safety sentencing guidelines

Prison for health and safety offences

Last month my colleagues and I attended the Compliance in Facilities Management Benchmarking Network event organised by BSRIA to go thr
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Ecology design over white background, vector illustration

Batteries included

I was interested to read this week of a new battery technology that could deliver real benefits for data centres. Power is one of the l
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CIO Review top 20

We are in the top 20 for risk management!

CIO Review, a leading US publication covering key trends in information technology, has just published its annual review of risk manage
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Website screenshot

Launch of new services and a new website

We have just launched our new risk capture module, our new suite of dashboard and you may have noticed that our website has changed som
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CIO Review top 20

PRESS RELEASE – CIO Review puts London-based Riskenomics in its risk management Top 20

CIO Review, a leading US publication covering key trends in information technology, has just published its annual review of risk manage
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Human error resilience engineering

Human error and resilience engineering

Organisations spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring that potential points of failure are identified and steps are put in place
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London Holborn fire balc swan event

The Holborn black swan

I’ve written about black swan events before: situations that are so unexpected that you would never have thought they could happen. U
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Building securty

What are your plans if your building comes under attack?

After the attack in October last year and the events this year in Paris, Sydney, Kenya and Copenhagen, Parliament Hill in Ottawa is und
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Data driven business advantage

Taking the devil out of the detail

I recently came across an interesting infographic, developed as a result of research into the gap between CEOs and information managers
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Tourist hand holding vintage leather travel bag with flag of Kaz

Managing critical risk in remote locations

We support a number of clients operating in remote locations, including an oil production company in Kazakhstan. Such situations pose d
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Six success factors for systems change in operational risk

The introduction of new systems within an organisation invariably causes changes across a large number of areas, particularly to proces
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The model office refurbishment

I have written before about the benefits of using dependency modelling as a tool for project management and I think the case is particu
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How to optimise the value of risk and control assessments

When hearing about the sudden changes to security measures in airports around the world this summer, it occurred to me that organisatio
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What If

Six steps to successful scenario planning

Scenario planning – finding the answers to those “what if” questions – is widely used in corporate strategy planning and has ma
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young businesswoman in empty office

The challenge of local data storage when using a hosted solution remotely

Connectivity has become an intrinsic part of our lives, both at home and at work. There is even a recently launched iPhone app that all
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Ten steps to surviving an audit

As we have carried out more audits than we can count, we thought you might find useful some tips and hints on how to survive an audit,
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Dependency modelling for facility management

As anyone who works in a facilities management (FM) role knows, FM covers an enormous and diverse range of services to the business. Ke
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Computer Crash or Failure, Maintenance Needed

Failure is not an option!

Preventing systems and infrastructure failure must be very high on the priority list for all those managing facilities, critical engine
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black swan iStock_000015041927Small

Black swans and a series of unfortunate events

The consequences of severe weather will have both short term and long term impact across the Country and can often be fatal as we have
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connection hub

Why take live feeds?

We have a number of clients who take live feeds from their Building Management System (BMS) into Riskenomics. There may several reasons
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woman with gift boxes and laptop computer

The 12 days of Christmas

While for some, Christmas might be a time to get the toolbox out and start on those DIY projects, Christmas is a time for a freeze on I
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banana iStock_000026668927XSmall cropped

Drastic cuts in investigation time for health & safety claims

The Lord Justice Jackson Reforms of civil litigation costs, especially relating to personal injury claims, are now in place. There have
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Cloud computing and computer networking concept

10 things to get right when building a data centre

Data centres mean different things to different people. For the IT manager, it will be a space to host servers, routers, network firewa
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Risk registers in project management

Most, if not all, projects carry risk. Whilst there will be many different aspects of risk throughout the project, it is when it intera
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Team of climbers on the summit.

Managing risk in outcome-based contracts

I am increasingly seeing outcome-based contracts become the norm for clients and service providers in areas such as facilities manageme
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Cisco IT Global Impact Survey 2013

Cisco has released the findings of its 2013 survey which was designed to understand the role of IT as a business enabler.
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measuring ruler

Contract mobilisation: the five golden rules

In my role as director and consultant with BSCM Operational Risk, clients and service providers talk to me about issues they have faced
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man and server

DCIM – hype or hero?

At Datacenter Dynamics last November the phrase on everyone's lips was DCIM, or to give it its full title, Data Center Infrastructure M
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Traffic light

Compliance dependency modelling

Statutory and regulatory compliance isn’t optional – there may be a clue in the name! So I do find it surprising how passive many o
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Wall S-tweet Shuffle

Two recent news stories caught my eye – both about banking and, in different ways, about compliance. First was the hacking of Associa
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critical eletrical dashboard

Announcing Release 5 of Riskenomics

Release 5 is really all about enhancing the performance and scalability of Riskenomics and ensuring we stay up-to-date with the latest
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Woman sitting at an office desk

Home workers – managing the risk

Bucking the growing trend over recent years towards allowing home working, Yahoo! has just told all remote workers to relocate to their
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Horse meat scandal

Horse meat scandal and supply chain risk

Journalists must be having a field day as the horse meat scandal continues to evolve as new failings continue to be revealed as the pro
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Customer Survey

Planned preventative maintenance re-attains five year-old KPI

BSRIA has recently released its latest M&E maintenance KPIs. This annual survey asks building owners and occupiers for their ratings of
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electric shock

Avoiding statutory electrical shocks

Statutory compliance can be a strange beast sometimes. For example, the testing and inspection of an electrical installation is not a s
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Datacenter Dynamics review

DCD this year was a very interesting event which is becoming the prime place to attend and to be seen at, which is reflected in the eve
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Quality plan

An introduction to dependency modelling

At its core dependency modelling is such a simple concept – if this event happens, what impact does it have on other events?
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Hurricane Sandy

Disaster recovery planning – lessons from Hurricane Sandy

If there is one thing Sandy demonstrated it is that you cannot make your DR plans too robust. There are always unplanned for eventualit
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Dashboard data centre

Dashboards – turning data into highly visual information

It is so true that, when you are dealing with vast amounts of data, finding the really essential items that impact on the business can
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How can you manage fire risk with inadequate building information?

According to, the Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF) believes there is insufficient awareness of the need to pass
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Single points of failure

Single points of failure

Is your business dependent on one or more single points of failure?
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Cloud computing risks

Cloud computing – the hidden risks

There are no standards that define the term Cloud Computing and there are a number of interpretations on the idea which only serves to
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